Border Crisis or Constitutional Crisis?
Jan 4, 2024

It's time for Texans to awaken to the reality that the federal government won't halt the invasion from the South. As in the storied days of our past, Texas may once again need to defend its borders. This, however, depends on having a state government willing to undertake the arduous task of challenging a lawless federal government.

Dale Huls Talks Border Security with Jenna Ellis
Oct 26, 2023

I discussed border security with Jenna Ellis on her radio program. We talk a little history about the Texas border, why we are in the state we are in and what the Israeli-Hama conflict means for our ouw southern border.

My Thoughts on the 14 Ballot Propositions
Oct 14, 2023

As a candidate running for House District 1, many people have asked my opinion regarding the proposed constitutional amendments to our Texas Constitution this November. I believe this is a fair question since we already know how our current Representative Gary VanDeaver voted on these amendments (he voted to place all of them on the ballot in the 88th Regular session).

Texas House Leans Majority Left
Aug 8, 2023

This article explains why conservative have such a hard time passing conservative legislation.

14 Constitutional Amendments on the November Ballot
Aug 4, 2023


Three in the Race for TX State House District 1
Jul 30, 2023

“We struggle with critical race theory becoming main stream, an LGBTQ agenda being indoctrinated in our schools,” Huls said. “Everywhere we look there is Marxism socialism, transgenderism. And that stuff spreads across America. There’s BLM (Black Lives Matter) riots, you see attacks on (former President Donald) Trump, and the conservative politicians. They are unrelenting the Democrats take no quarter.”

Huls continued.

“We have drag queen shows for children in public libraries we have porn in our school libraries,” he said, adding, “we also have political shenanigans going on in the Legislature” as he referenced the recent Texas House impeachment of Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton.

GOP House Seat Heats Up in House District 1
Jul 28, 2023

Three candidates are now running to be the Republican nominee for Texas House District 1 in the March 2024 primary.

All three participated in a sometimes-heated town hall meeting Thursday night hosted by the Republican Women of Red River Valley.

State Rep. Gary VanDeaver (R New Boston) confirmed at Thursday s meeting that he is running for re-election to represent HD 1 in northeast Texas, which includes Bowie, Cass, Lamar, Morris, and Red River counties.

Lamar County Republican Party Chairman Scott Hommel also announced his candidacy Thursday night.

Conservative activist Dale Huls announced weeks ago that he is challenging VanDeaver.


Conservative Activist Dale Huls Seeks State House Seat
Jul 4, 2023

Conservative activist Dale Huls is challenging Republican State Rep. Gary VanDeaver (New Boston) in the 2024 GOP primary for House District 1, which includes Bowie, Cass, Lamar, Morris, and Red River counties.

We need representatives who will champion our conservative agenda, Huls said. It s time to put an end to Republican politicians who campaign on our conservative principles and values but take their direction from the political elite and lobbyists in Austin.


VanDeaver explains his vote to impeach Paxton
May 31, 2023

Republican State Rep. has been adamant in his support for the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton. Almost immediately after his vote to impeach Paxton, VanDeaver went to the local newspaper to try and justify his vote.

What is the Matter with Republicans and School Choice?
May 23, 2023

Republican State Rep. Gay VanDeaver leads the fight against school choice.

Dale Huls Activist Profile - Texas Scorecard
Mar 12, 2017

My story is probably one that was repeated thousands of times over, says Huls, When [Glenn Beck] organized his nationwide We Surround Them event in March 2009, Mary and I decided to get off our couch and attend the meeting. Right then and there the die was cast. Mary and I would never sit on the sidelines again