You know a Texas Republican by the commitment to conservative, Christian principles. Those are well-reflected in the priorities of the Republican Party of Texas. Thousands of Republicans voted on those priorities, and you can recognize the values of East Texas in those priorities.

Election integrity, border security, protecting children from conception to adulthood, respecting the family and parents, standing firm on your right to own a gun, and fighting bad Democrat policies - what Texas Republican would hesitate to publicly commit to those common-sense principles?

That's why the first thing to know about where I stand on the issues that matter to you is that I have publicly championed these principles all my life, and you can find proof of that in every facet of my grassroots work in Texas politics.

Standing for these principles is not controversial in East Texas, but for some reason, our current representative thinks it might be controversial.

Below is an example of where I stand on our conservative, Christian principles.  If you want to go and study my legislative priorities please visit Less Austin, More Texas: A Legislative Agenda for Texas (

Amidst the array of threats and challenges confronting Texas, I have devoted significant effort to broaden education reform in our state.  It is my firm belief that the complexities of Texas education extend far beyond the scope of "school choice."  Regrettably, discussions surounding the Texas education system often fail to encompass these broader issues.  While Mr. VanDeaver champions his opposition to school choice as a last measure to prevent the collapse of Texas public schools, he has had 10 years to fix other issues that he doesn't even speak to. It is imperative to acknowledge and address the multifaceted challenges that educators and schools face. I encourage you to explore my comprehensive plan for education reform in Texas.  While you may find alignment with certain aspects and divergence with others, I remain committed to fostering a dialogue and constructive discourse on these critical matters. Less Austin, More Texas: A Conservative Agenda for Texas Education Reform (

And if you are interested in Mr VanDeaver's record please go to House of Bad Cards: Gary VanDeaver, Nine of Donkeys.

Election Integrity

Those who cheat in elections ought to go to jail with a felony penalty. Only citizens legally in a district should vote - once - per election. Mail-in ballots ought to be available to the disabled, seniors, and those out of district only. As Bob Hall says, there should be no period between early voting and election day. That would make counting the votes the same for every day of voting.

Border Security

This is Texas. Not Mexico, Guatemala, China, or Somalia. We have the right as Texans to know and approve of those who come here from other countries. You and I both know this, but Democrat leaders refuse to secure the border to keep Texans safe. Texas must deny taxpayer-funded services and subsidies to illegal aliens. Texas must recognize that our great state is under invasion and is in imminent danger. This is why I supported Matt Schaefer's bill, HB 20, which who have given our governor the power from the legislature to protect Texas. After experiencing the chaos on the border first-hand, there can be no doubt that Texas is being invaded by the world.

Protect Children from Conception to Adulthood

How is this even a question for anyone? Women talk to the baby in their womb. They call it a baby. They know it's a baby. We need to protect babies at all stages of development because we live in a world that increasingly disrespects life. East Texans know how precious life is. Consequently, I support the abolition of abortion and to ensure the right to life and equal protection of the laws for all preborn children from the moment of fertilization. I strongly believe in the value of life and consider each baby in the womb to be a distinct human being with a soul.

Children need to be protected from predators, sexualization, and those who want to mutilate their bodies by removing or trying to change their genitalia. That's common sense. It doesn't get any more common sense than that. But those who make money from filth and disfigurement aim to harm our children. Representatives that oppose or do not advocate for sensible legislation need to be replaced. As your representative, I'll speak out loudly against this horror. Because that's what it is - horror. And that barbarism towards children has no place in Texas.

Gun Rights

Let's get to the truth right now: God gave you the right to self-defense and no bureaucrat should interfere in any way with that right. Whether they're local, state, or federal, no government busybody has any business telling you how to manage your guns or self-defense. We do not need knee-jerk emotional reactions from our legislators after every occurrence of violence by evil people. I will vigorously defend Second Amendment rights, reject Democratic pressure or emotional arguments, and remain steadfast in upholding constitutional principles and convictions related to gun rights.

Fight Democrats' Bad Policy

Should we ever give any advantage to Democrats who want to change Texas to become more like California? No. That's just stupid. If Texas put Republicans in the driver's seat, then Republicans ought to drive. It is bizarre that the Republican leadership in the House or Senate would allow a sworn enemy of freedom, capitalism, religion, etc. to gain power they could not win at the ballot box. I will be a hard “NO” on allowing Democrat Chairs under a Republican majority. Enough with allowing bad policies that reflect the East or West coast. Texans ought to manage Texas.

Respect the Family and Parents

Your kids are your kids. They're not "our" kids as the Democrats and teachers’ unions proclaim. Only parents have the responsibility from God himself to shepherd and love those children without interference from some know-it-all bureaucrat trained at a liberal university who gets marching orders from those in Washington, DC. Parents do not want their kids subjected to sexualized “drag queen” performances, sexually explicit books in our school libraries, and the normalization of critical race theory (CRT) and LGBTQ+ agendas in our public schools.

I strongly advocate for parental rights and educational freedom. I believe that parents are the primary decision-makers for their children in all matters and that this authority should be protected as an inalienable right. And finally, I will push for enforcement and penalty mechanisms when parents' rights are violated and to ensure that education is free from any social theories (CRT, LGBTQ+) outside of traditional American values and principles.

So, in summary, where do I stand on the issues that matter to you? I stand with you. And as your representative, I will loudly and proudly always stand with you. It's time to fight the nonsense being shoved at us.