Endorsements for the Dale Huls Campaign

Cathie Adams, Fmr. Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman, 1st Vice-President, and editor of the Eagle Forum

"Dale Huls is the best candidate for HD1. His career as an academic is over the top! His volunteer work in the Republican Party has been outstanding and recognized by Texas leaders. Dale Huls is a trustworthy friend that we can be assured will represent his constituents with brilliance and integrity. Please join me in supporting Dale Huls for HD1. I ask you to vote for Dale Huls!"

Mayes Middleton, TX Senator Senate District 11 (SD-11), President of Middleton Oil Company

"Dale Huls is a principled conservative who will fight to secure our border, protect Texans from Biden's radical agenda, and ensure that parents - not government - have the final say in their children's education."

George Lavender, Fmr. Texas House District 1 (HD-1) Representative

Alma Perez Jackson. Fmr. Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Vice-Chairman

"It is time for true conservative leadership at our Texas House of Representatives. Dale has a record of conservative, moral activism & he is the candidate to vote for in 2024. Let's please get behind him with support & our votes for a stronger, better Texas."

Morris County Republican Party Executive Committee

"The Morris County Republican Party Executive Committee wholeheartedly endorses Dale Huls for election as representative of Texas House District 1. While our county is small, its needs are big, and our voters deserve to have a voice equal to that of larger counties. Our committee sees in Dale a leader who finally will give Morris County a seat at the table, listen to our concerns and work to seek solutions in Austin without compromising the conservative values our fellow voters hold dear. We ask that ALL voters of Texas House District 1 cast their ballot for the true grassroots conservative of Dale Huls."

Ken Paxton - Texas Attorney General

"Dale Huls has been a long-time conservative activist and fighter. When there has been a choice between the establishment and principles, Dale always sides with conservatives. His opponent is a liberal Republican and bad on school choice. I m proud to endorse Dale Huls and ask that East Texas voters reject their current representative who cares more what Austin lobbyists think than his own constituents." - Ken Paxton

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Leanna Walker - Morris County Precinct Chair Pct. 4
Sep 6, 2023

Christina Drewry - Grassroots America Watchdog Committee
Aug 16, 2023

Rocky Christenberry - Priefert, Vice President of Manufacturing
Aug 13, 2023

Hi. I'm Rocky Christenberry, executive vice-president of Priefert Manufacturing. As a leader in our company and even in our community, I get the awesome opportunity to sit down with political leaders, whether it be at a local, state, or even national level. As you know as we look around our country, many of the things as a Christian conservative that we hold near and dear to our heart seems to be falling apart in this world. Whether it be our 1st and 2nd Amendment, or whether it be what our kids are being taught in school, it seems that everywhere we turn, we are under attack.

When I discuss how we get here with some of our political leaders, it seems to be that "compromise" is the term I constantly hear. To get anything done, whether it be in Austin or whether it be at the national level, we seem to have "reach across the aisle," or we have to "make a compromise" to be able to pass any laws of any substance. You see, I believe as a Christian conversative that compromise has made us arrive at the point we're at today - where our values are being eroded one at a time.

I am looking for someone who will stand for me and represent me at the state and even the national level who is not willing to compromise. No longer are things I hold near and dear to my heart on the table to be offered.

It's for this reason that I'm endorsing Dale Huls for House District 1 in the House of Representatives in the state of Texas. Dale has those values that I hold near and dear to my heart and he is willing to stand and not compromise. He is ready to go to Austin and stand up and is looking for others who will stand with him. Dale understands that this stance may only get him elected once, because he is not going to be willing to compromise to get elected again. This is the kind of man that we need to represent us in Austin. Dale Huls, House District 1.

Jill Glover - SREC SD12 Committeewoman

John (JP) Welsh - Bowie County Republican Precinct 1A
Aug 8, 2023

Don Hooper - Energy Executive, Soar Energy
Aug 6, 2023

Scott Bowen - SD6 SREC Committeeman CCISD School Board Member
Aug 2, 2023

Mike Olcott - Fmr Candidate for State Representative District 60
Aug 2, 2023

Ray Myers - Texas Conservative Activist
Aug 2, 2023

Matt Long - Host, The Matt Long Show Fmr President of the Fredericksburg Tea Party
Aug 2, 2023

Dr. Charles Blankenship - Fmr SD1 SREC Committeeman

Bill Priefert - Priefert Manufacturing
Aug 2, 2023

Transcription: I'm Bill Priefert, Mt Pleasant. I've talked to Dale Huls enough now that I'm convinced that he is a true conservative. That he will not compromise on our principles and our morals. And this is where we're at in this country. We've got to stand hard for what's right. There's right and there's wrong. And we can't compromise on those principles. God gave his word and that's our rules, our laws. We must obey God, and I believe Dale Huls understands that. I think he is the man who we need to represent us in Austin. Thank you.

Wade Miller - Executive Director, Citizens for Renewing America

Tanya Robertson - Fmr SD11 SREC Committeewoman
Aug 2, 2023

Angela Meador Smith - President, Fredericksburg Tea Party
Aug 2, 2023

Bob Worthen - Granary Street Health Food Store
Aug 2, 2023

Rex Law - Camp County Republican Party Chair
Aug 1, 2023

Sue Evenwell - Fmr Titus County Republican Party Chair, Fmr SD1 SREC Committeewoman
Aug 1, 2023

JoAnn Fleming - Executive Director, Grassroots America - We The People
Aug 1, 2023

Gaylyn Devine - SD11 SREC Committeewoman
Aug 1, 2023

Robert Kecseg, President, Lake Country Republican Club, Fmr. SD1 SREC Committeeman, Wood County Pct Chair
Jul 31, 2023

Clyde Bryan - President, The Executive Council
Jul 31, 2023

I wholeheartedly endorse you for State Rep in District 1. We need more solid Conservatives in the Texas House. I know you and I share the same values and I can count on you to uphold your oath of office and serve the citizens of Texas well.

Grassroots America - We The People

Strongly Endorses Conservative Republican Dale Huls for State Representative District 1

Cary Cheshire - Conservative Activist
Jul 7, 2023